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Your personal assistant to simplify the process of interacting with all your windows and applications

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Control windows with keyboard

  • Move and resize windows,
  • Plenty of shortcuts,
  • Cycling different actions on repeated pressing of shortcuts...

Fuzzy search of window actions

  • Fast call of Active Window Actor,
  • A lot of predefined positions and sizes,
  • No need to memorize an endless number of shortcuts...

Switch focus to any window

  • Fast call of Switcher Window,
  • Fuzzy search of any window or app,
  • Minimize, close, fullscreen any window...

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  • Solve window management in a consistent way across three (Windows, MacOS, Linux) platforms.
  • Get both Window Manager and Window Switcher in one application.
  • Embed any website to frameless window with topmost functionality.

Install SMBAct application

Multi-display support

  • Activation any window on active display, main display or where there is a mouse pointer,
  • Fast-moving of windows between displays,
  • Hide all windows only on active display...

Blacklist applications

  • Fast moving to and from the blacklist,
  • Applications do not appear in Switcher Window,
  • Applications are not affected by the SMBAct's actions...

Wrap any website in embedded browser window

  • Based on Chromium functionality,
  • Frameless design,
  • Topmost functionality...

SMBAct Roadmap and Timeline

We have big plans for SMBAct tiling window manager and window switcher. Below you can see what features we want to add in the next six months to improve our product.

June, 2023

Snap windows by dragging.

  • To the corner for snapping into quarters.
  • To the sides for filling half of the screen (horizontal or vertical).
  • To the top edge for maximizing.
  • To the bottom edge for snapping into thirds.

July, 2023

Use SMBAct as an icon in the menu bar.

  • Add Active Window and Window Switcher activation actions.
  • Add common and less common actions.

August, 2023

Change the layout of multiple tiled windows.

  • If two or more windows are bordering, resizing one window will also resize the others.

September, 2023

Assign a keyboard shortcut to preferred window

  • For single-window application: use hotkeys to let specific window become a front-most window
  • For multi-windows application: when the target window disappears and you use the keyboard shortcut again, it will display a notification informing you that the window has been lost. So user can use the fix/same keyboard shortcut to target a new window, and ask user to set a new keyboard shortcut to bring this window to the front.

October, 2023

Managing through different spaces (in macOS).

  • Moving the active window between spaces.