SMBAct vs Rectangle

Upgrade your app experience now with SMBAct - the ultimate Rectangle alternative with expanded features, unmatched support, and cross-platform compatibility.

With SMBAct, you can move and resize in Windows, macOS and Linux using keyboard shortcuts or calling Window Actor where you can perform fuzzy search of needed action. SMBAct also allows switch focus between windows, activate, hide, close, maximize any of them.

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Hotkeys Active Application and Fuzzy Search Window  

Comparing SMBAct vs Rectangle

Let's see in details why users prefer SMBAct over Rectangle.

Sizing and Positioning SMBAct Rectangle
Use Keyboard Shortcuts to snap windows
Halves, Quarters, Thirds, Fourths, Sixths commands
Eights commands
Fullscreen, Maximize, Smaller, Larger, Center, Restore, Next/Prev Display commands
Hide one/all windows on active/all displays, Blacklist commands
Portrait display layouts
Cycling through window sizes on repeated commands of custom shortcuts (in pro version)
Fuzzy search Window with custom trigger shortcuts to apply predefined sizes and/or positions
You own your configs available for download iCloud Sync
Predictable behaviour in multi-display environment
Multiple profiles for hotkeys setting coming soon
Snap window by dragging (build-in function in Win10) coming soon for macOS and Linux
Window Switcher SMBAct Rectangle
Custom trigger shortcuts with almost any key
Switch focus to any window
Fuzzy search of any window or application
Minimize, close, fullscreen any window
Hide, close any application
Close all windows of one application
Blacklist applications you don’t want to act
Multi-display support: activation Window Switcher on active display, main display or where is a mouse pointer
Multi-display support: activation of selected window/application on active display or on display where it was before
Other features SMBAct Rectangle
Embedded Browser Window (know more about this feature)
Operating system Windows, macOS, Linux macOS
Pricing €14,99 Free, €9.99 (pro)
User support User Tutorial on YouTube

Multi-display support

Rectangle is a great and UX friendly window manager, but according to user reviews, if you have more than one display you start having problems.

For example, the size of the second screen is calculated incorrectly and the windows are moved and positioned incorrectly.

SMBAct supports a multi-display environment with additional features, e.g:

  • Hide all windows only on active display or on all screens
  • Open Switcher Window on display where is mouse pointer at this moment
  • Using Switcher Window activate any window on the active or main display
  • Save window position after moving between displays

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