Embedded Browser Window


How Embedded Browser Window Tab is set up

All windows are launched from the "Embedded browser window" tab. To make it easier to navigate through the templates you've created, you can organize them. To do this, follow this algorithm.


Create / Select Profile

It can be, for instance, "Movies", "Podcasts", "Messengers", "Streams", "Netflix" etc.


Add / Select Window

Configure setting: Save as Template or not, Always on top or not, with frame or not etc.


Run Window

Choose "Custom spawn" to change configuration or "Remove" to delete a template.

What is Embedded Browser Window

Embedded Browser Window (EBW) is our customized window wrapping which you can create and configure in seconds for any website.

Modern technologies

EBW is based on Chromium functionality and brings the power of the modern browser with desktop customization.


Browse any website

EBW embeds both messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc) and audio and video service providers (Spotify, YouTube, Twitch, Netflix etc) to a dedicated window.


Security of personal data

Omit saving all browser history and personal information to the internet.


Swap out plugins/scripts

EBW allows you to do it frameless with topmost functionality and fullscreen any website on the part of the screen.


Powerful AdBlocker

EBW blocks all content ads, cookies, pixel trackers, google analytics, etc.


Templates systematization

SMBAct Application allows to create an unlimited number of EBW templates and to store them in different profiles.


How to manage frameless custom Title Bar

Very often is much more convenient to have the Embedded Browser Window frameless, because frame on top is taking up space on the screen.
Moreover it does not allow to use the advantages of fullscreen functionality to 100%. For example, when you’re watching a movie or a Stream or a TV Show.
So let's make the window frameless. Of cause you can still use system controls. Or you can also customize the Title bar yourself.
There are 3 options:

  • Always show a custom Title bar.
  • Only show a custom Title bar if you press and hold the button. This can be Command, Option or Shift.
  • Only show a custom Title bar if you press the button (Command, Option or Shift) twice.

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