SMBAct’s Roadmap and Timeline

We have many plans for how to improve SMBAct. Install SMBAct and get new features with updates.

July, 2023

Snap windows by dragging.

  • To the corner for snapping into quarters.
  • To the sides for filling half of the screen (horizontal or vertical).
  • To the top edge for maximizing.
  • To the bottom edge for snapping into thirds.

August, 2023

Use SMBAct as an icon in the menu bar.

  • Add Active Window and Window Switcher activation actions.
  • Add common and less common actions.

September, 2023

Change the layout of multiple tiled windows.

  • If two or more windows are bordering, resizing one window will also resize the others.

October, 2023

Assign a keyboard shortcut to preferred window

  • For single-window application: use hotkeys to let specific window become a front-most window
  • For multi-windows application: when the target window disappears and you use the keyboard shortcut again, it will display a notification informing you that the window has been lost. So user can use the fix/same keyboard shortcut to target a new window, and ask user to set a new keyboard shortcut to bring this window to the front.

November, 2023

Managing through different spaces (in macOS).

  • Moving the active window between spaces.

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