Automatic Time Tracking. What is it and what is it for.

Success for any company is primarily productive office and remote workers. But the larger the company, the harder it is to monitor who's really working and who's wasting their time at work. A time tracker will help solve this problem. 

What is a time tracker?

A time tracker is a piece of software that lets computer workers note the amount of time spent on tasks or projects and employers can manage them.

This software monitors all the actions a person does at work such as: opening websites and applications, mouse activity, absent period, etc. You need to install this software on your workers' computers, and you'll get reports on how they use their work time.

Recently, using time tracker programs is gaining popularity when working with remote workers or temporary workers (programmers, bookkeepers, tech support specialists, etc.). They're especially used with people who are paid hourly.


Here are reasons to start using time trackers as soon as possible.

1. Using a time tracker lets you better organize your team and increase their effectiveness.

Time trackers let employers know what's happening when employees are on the clock and how productive they are and the specialists themselves can control their work hours. Using a time tracker, you can monitor how much time is being spent on completing specific tasks and also learn why work is being slow, and maybe, how to save time on that task next time. In other words, this time tracker program lets you remove weak spots at work and take the necessary measures to correct the situation. 

2. Using time trackers lets you better control work processes.

Automatic time monitoring applications fix on everything that you or your coworker does during work. This removes the necessity to remember and keep this in your head.

3. The program provides you important numbers which, when analyzed, can be used to make strategic decisions, and optimize the work process.

When you have specific data on how much time is being used in a specific area of work, you can correct your day, week or even month-long plan and therefore correctly lead your company or team. If you use time tracking software, then you can instantly launch reports for various types of tasks and the time needed to complete them. The convenience and uses of time trackers are obvious. After receiving a notification on how much time specifically is spent on various types of work, you can evaluate if you're really getting profitscompany is primarily or if you're losing money.

4. Managing remote workers saves money.

Recently there's been a trend towards more remote workers in companies who are able to and even in companies where it seemed far from possible. This process has received a significant bump largely due to the pandemic. It's clear that the amount of remote workers in the near future will only grow. So, we really need online tools to monitor the workload of our employees to not lose our whole budget and to meet deadlines. Planning how much time was spent guarantees that you're only paying for what was actually done. You shouldn't pay for hours when an employee was doing something personal and only making it seem like they were working.

5. Using time trackers lets you determine priority projects.

It makes it possible to easily redetermine your hours and move deadlines for high-priority projects. With time trackers, it's possible to effectively manage and lead a team while keeping a plan with the approximate amount of time needed for each stage of a project in front of you and the specific stage of a project in a "must do" list.

6. Time trackers let you monitor your projects' stages from anywhere in the world.

Frequently, many different people spread across different locations are working on various parts of a project and sometimes even on several projects at the same time. Sometimes, coworkers are working in different time zones. In this case, it could be difficult to learn the status of each task when needed. Time trackers for freelancers or office workers present a complete report of how much was done in a sum, where corrections or changes were made and more. If a time tracker for time reports is in the cloud (online data storage), you can get access to the data from anywhere in the world. Besides that, every employee can get access to the immediately updated cloud system with any device using the Internet. This is a huge benefit of time trackers.

7. Using a time tracker, you can learn when it's time to give your employees a raise.

Analysis of time spent on each completed task should quickly give you a picture of how correctly you're evaluated your employees' work. You can compare the effectiveness of various employees, but the best as examples and congratulate them with a raise, which will stimulate the others to work harder. 

8. Time monitoring is motivating and disciplining.

Even if your employee is a very motivated person and doesn't waste their time, there's always a chance for improvement. Knowing that their work is controlled, and monitors reinforces their concentration and effectiveness and doesn't let them deviate from the path towards "great" results and is an additional motivation.

9. If an employee or freelancer is paid hourly, then a time tracker helps you easily calculate their payment.

You can do this using a work time calendar. Time trackers can, when needed, calculate how many hours in a month an employee actually worked and how much time they relaxed by making a report and a work time calendar. It lets you quickly and easily determine payment amounts.

10. A time tracker is great for working with clients.

It can show you, at any moment, what stage of the project they're on. Monitoring employees can be done from a desktop app, a mobile app or from a browser. Most time tracker programs are optimized for the web and all operating systems.


Is it worth using time trackers?

We think so! Even in a small startup, it's worth having a clear representation of each employee's work, especially if it's a remote team. This eliminates many disputed moments and improves a team's atmosphere. It's not possible to monitor everyone in a large company, so a time tracker program will do it for you and workers as a work time report table. Install it and simply observe the reports that it presents to you.