Why remote workers are the best

Remote work has become a new world trend that's successfully thriving in many countries around the world. This style of working has seen a sharp increase in popularity recently and has become so partially due to the mass isolation during the pandemic. More and more people are choosing to work remotely because it's convenient, comfortable, and safer. Why is remote work gaining traction, what bonuses does it offer citizens, why does working from home have more benefits and is it true that remote workers are more productive? Let's analyze these questions.

Remote work improves quality of life.

There's no time wasted on commuting. Constant traffic jams are exhausting, ruin your mood and decrease inspiration for pursuing new goals.

If you aren't wasting time driving, you have more time with your family and friends which is motivating and provides positive emotions and a mood boost.

Home offices save money.

Gas, public transport costs, snacks, lunch, and a cappuccino before work make up a significant portion of your budget.

You can even save money on clothes and shoes. You don't need to buy a suit or expensive, classic shoes. A home dress code means comfortable pajamas, a t-shirt, shorts, or anything that's as comfortable as possible.

The option of working remotely expands the employer base.

Remote workers can significantly increase the geography of their search for a new employer and find a more profitable position sometimes even in other countries.

A home office lets you follow your personal rhythm.

Workers don't need to follow the office schedule, lunch breaks and more. They can decide when they will work. The important thing is completing assignments on time.

Remote workers are sick less frequently.

Research shows that people who work from home and less likely to get viral infections. The lack of contact with a large amount of people positively affects their health and minimizes the risk of getting an infection.

Besides that, remote workers take fewer sick days. Since they're at home, they can avoid personal health risks and risks to others' health and take care of themselves while taking medicine.

Remote workers can concentrate on work easier.

The following distracting factors are absent in a home office setting:

  • Constant office background noise.
  • Chatty coworkers.
  • Joint smoke breaks that last at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Coffee or tea breaks that are accompanied by gossip or office news.
  • After quickly eating in a nearby cafe, you always have the temptation to go shopping for a new dress or run off to fix your engine that's acting up. A lunch break often takes more time than is acceptable.


Working in a home office is more comfortable.

At home, you can pick your own furniture, start your workday on the patio with a nice cup of coffee and turn on your favorite music. Additionally, you aren't bothering anyone, and no one is distracting you.

Remote workers are more mobile.

The modern level of technological development lets you work almost anywhere like at home or in a different country. If you type of work allows it, you could take your laptop and work in a coffeeshop, outside or in a village. You can have meetings and talk with coworkers or your boss using various online tools (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc.). However automatic tracking their time can be done by Home Office Monitor.

Remote workers aren't tied down to a place or vacations. They can travel more and more freely. The important thing is having internet access.

In summary...

Many different research projects into the emotional state of modern people, who spend a majority of their time at work, have shown that those who work at home and aren't stuck at an office are happy. Remote workers get more positive impressions and are more frequently happy since they can travel, spend time with their children, friends and family and aren't surrounded by so many annoying things. Overall, they live how they want to.

This is why remote workers are much more productive than office ones. They're happy and satisfied.